Cambrian News & S4C this week…

—Cambrian News–

Thursday 31st January 2008


Many thanks to Lib Dem MP Mark Williams for the article:

“Ceredigion could house first eating disorder centre”

(P.5 in this week’s Cambrian News).

Just to clarify… the Welsh Centre for Recovery Project has made a lottery application of £1 million – not five…

To put this into context, last year health commission wales spent over £3 million referring people to England for residential care.


I am meeting with Mark Williams later this month and also have an appointment with local Plaid AM Elin Jones on Friday 8th Feb.


Monday 4th Feb 2008, 3pm

A short program filmed about eating disorders (with GMF and Cyswllt Contact Ceredigion) will air – in Welsh but… wait for it… wait for it… with SUBTITLES! Hoorah!

Our trustee Rhodri Francis will be speaking; and the program also interviews a local person in recovery from anorexia nervosa.

Don’t miss it!


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