The Reality of Bulimia…..



The true horror of eating disorders is minimised. Whilst the media and social forums glamorise anorexia as being “heroin chic” ~ bulimia nervosa is almost completely ignored as socially taboo.

Adding to the problem is the fact that the Welsh medical community still diagnose the severity of an eating disorder in terms of bmi (low body weight). This entirely inadequate diagnostic tool all but disqualifies severe bulimics from accessing a level of help appropriate to their need.

Bulimia does not always cause low body weight. In fact, severe bulimics who consume huge quantities of high calorie, sugary food before purging are more likely to be slightly over-weight. This is because their body digests a percentage of the food they consume almost instantly.

Bulimia kills

Bulimia kills. It causes a range of chemical imbalances in the body which trigger cardiac arrest (stopping the heart) or brain damage.

Bulimia can also cause gastric rupture (rupture of the stomach), leading to death. Lung collapse, internal bleeding, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure; pancreatitis and perforated ulcers. Depression and suicide are a high cause of fatality in bulimics. The affects of binging and purging on an unborn child are brutal and irreversible.

This short film documents some of the fatalities resulting from bulimia nervosa. (There is another, far more brutal film at the end of this blog entry).


The physical affects of


Bulimia Nervosa

Electrolyte imbalance (Can lead to cardiac arrest, which can also result in brain damage by stroke.)
Damaging of the voice
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Teeth erosion and cavities, gum disease
Sialadenosis (salivary gland swelling)
Potential for gastric rupture during periods of binging
Esophageal reflux
Irritation, inflammation, and possible rupture of the esophagus
Laxative dependence
Peptic ulcers and pancreatitis
Emetic toxicity due to ipecac abuse
Swelling of the face and cheeks, especially apparent in the lower eyelids due to the high pressure of blood in the face during vomiting.
Callused or bruised fingers
Dry or brittle skin, hair, and nails, or hair loss
Muscle atrophy
Decreased/increased bowel activity
Digestive problems that may be triggered, including Celiac, Crohn’s Disease
Low blood pressure, hypotension
Orthostatic hypotension
High blood pressure, hypertension
Iron deficiency
Hormonal imbalances
High risk pregnancy, miscarriage, still-born babies
Elevated blood sugar or hyperglycemia
Weakness and fatigue
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Cancer of the throat or voice box
Liver failure
Kidney infection and failure
Heart failure, heart arrhythmia, angina
Potential death caused by heart attack or heart failure; lung collapse; internal bleeding, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure; pancreatitis, gastric rupture, perforated ulcer, depression and suicide.




Bulimia in the UK: Fast facts


Approximately 1-2 percent of women in the UK suffer from bulimia.

Every year there are as many as 18 new cases of bulimia nervosa per 100,000 population per year.

Between 1 and 3 percent of young women are thought to be bulimic at any given moment in time.

According to some studies, as many as 8 percent of women suffer from bulimia at some stage in their life, and it affects about 5 percent of female college students.

People who have close relatives with bulimia are four times more likely to develop the disease than people who do not.

Studies indicate that about 5 out of 10 people with bulimia are healthy 10 years after diagnosis; while 2 out of 10 still have bulimia and 3 out of 10 are partially recovered.

Approximately 5 percent of bulimia sufferers go on to develop anorexia nervosa.


The final film/audio here really brings home the horror of death by of bulimia nervosa.
Please be aware that this film contains some graphic imagery and is explicit re. details of death. Although I am familiar with reading about stomach rupture and organ failure, I personally find the narrative deeply upsetting.
I spent a long time considering the merits of including such a film, and have decided to do so; because the majority of people who access this blog are sufferers and for them it may be of benefit. That said, I do not reccomend that everyone watch it.




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42 Responses to “The Reality of Bulimia…..”

  1. fatima Says:



    padese de anorexia y es urgente que la ayuden x favor

  3. mida Says:

    awefull! it’s so growse! i hope no-one would ever try bulimia. it’s so sad!
    i hope all anorexia and bulimia people will go and find some help!

    so sad…

  4. Kalie Lewis Says:

    I suffer from belemia and i can tell you now you may just start becuse you want to lose weight and you may thing as soon as you have lost the extra weight you will stop but its not true you cant stop no matter what you do trust me i have tried

  5. Tanja Says:

    I randomly came across this website as I had been researching eating disorders for one of my assignments for uni. I am very shocked at the video’s I saw and what I have read, and I cannot believe that anyone would ever do such a thing, but i guess they do. It is very upsetting that not only women, but men put themselves through that horror for so called “beauty”. I mean, I’ve wanted to loose those extra kgs, but never would it have crossed my mind to ever do such a thing.

    Its destressing to see that people are harming themselves, thinking its the easy way out, yet, they find themselves in a rollercoaster of trouble.

    I honestly do hope that sooner rather than later, people who are sufferer’s or who have thought about bulimia, can come to the realisation that who we are, is what we are, and this urge and dream of being something else is nothing but a desire. I also hope people can accept themselves and others in that case. I know the feeling of being called fat..or ugly is very harsh and brutle but who are they to judge? Nobody!

    And for those who do it to loose weight, There are many ways of loosing it the healthier way..maybe by keeping the food in rather than out would be a good start.

    We have people called doctors in this world..they are there to help us..thats what their trained to do….so let them help you guys who are suffering…. live life to the fullest…dont ruin it for some desire. Life’s too short to be depressed.

  6. Helia Says:

    Nobody can truly understand this illness unless you have faced it your self. It is absolute Hell.. This video scared me, I saw my self in that girl and experienced the reality-check of my life!
    I can’t really explain the feeling that consumes you as you are binging it’s like your possessed, you are a captive in you own mind. When you purge you shut down and disappear, a fragment of you soul fades away each time and you lose a sense of your self.
    This video snapped me back from where ever I have been for the past 3 years..
    Thank you!

  7. Krystle Says:

    I was reading some comments and it really upsets me that people think its all about loosing weight. It is much more than that. First of all, it completley destroys your body. You body gets used to the repeated purges and even if you want to stop its difficult because eating a sandwhich would be like eating a feast! Your bodys instant reaction is to throw it up so its either that or feel sickingly full all day.

    Also, theres the whole body image distortion. No matter how much weight a bulimic looses they can’t see it. It completly screws with your mind! I will never know how severe the distortion is because unfortunutily I have suffered with bulimia for three years so I can’t really tell reality from fiction.

    The video was horrible and I am trying my best to stop. I don’t want to die

  8. katie Says:

    wow. i think i will watch this every time i have the urge to B/P.

  9. catherine Says:

    this is the worst site ever!!! how would u know bout being either one of these cases!!! if people like it and makes them happy u should leave them!! they know the risks!!

  10. Mai Mai Says:

    just reading this made me even more sadened as to see that society today plays a major role as to why people even start doing this kinda crap–>i mean some of erv1’s role model has some sort ov problem && too many yung peeps thinkin ‘well such & such did it && look how far they’ve come!’ or with other ppl it like ‘well i want to get treated the same way & not b judged by what i look like on the outside…so m finna try && look muh “best” ‘. little do ppl kno that b doing daht kinda crap iz basically changing your identity 4 otha ppl….bottom line–>beauty iz indeed in the hand of the beholder && youh muh dear are thee beholder.

  11. kiki Says:

    this is so crazy to throw up if wen u are sick with a virus n u throw up it is a horrible feeling well stikin your finger for a mental problem is dum i say that shouldnt exsist i say those girls should take a picture of their selves that they look ugly so skinny anorexic they look nasty they dont think that but alot of people with brains do

  12. Madison Says:

    I can’t believe people would call this disease “crap” and “dumb”. Bulimia isn’t just about losing weight. It’s impossible to make someone understand who has never suffered from this disease, but bulimia becomes a coping mechanism for every stress that enters your life. You wake up already planning your binge, you eat in a crazed and dissociated way, you purge, you berate yourself and swear it’s the last time, then you repeat the cycle without meaning or wanting to.

    It’s as though there is something hollow in you that you have to fill somehow and the only way is to eat and eat and eat. But once you have filled that hollow, it’s even more uncomfortable than it was when it was empty so you force the food back out. It may start as a diet “trick” but bulimia very quickly takes on a life of its own.

    And it’s not always a simple matter of going and getting help. The disorder becomes a lifeline and you can’t imagine life without it. You know it’s not healthy. You know it’s not “right”. But you have no idea what would take it’s place and that is a scary thought. The bulimia clouds your ability to see reality. In addition, there is a certain feeling of shame or embarrassment that isn’t easily overcome.

    I would encourage people to try to be a bit more understanding and sympathetic. Bulimics are not stupid people who are searching for an easy way out. Judgment and criticism do not help. Compassion and understanding do.

  13. Gabrielle Says:

    well,i truly think its sad that people become bulimic and anerexic because if they want to change the way they look, the best way is to exercise every single day…..i think bulimia and anerexia is just a lazy way to harm yourself and lose weight. either way i feel bad for the people who have it. i

  14. descubre Says:

    Uh, gotta disagree with comment above mine. Bulimia becomes more than a reason to lose weight. It becomes an addiction, a true addiction, like smoking or crack or anything else—it becomes a way to escape pain, while of course harming oneself in the process. I have had a few friends with bulimia during my life, and body image issues hardly even figured into the equation after a couple of years. It became a way to escape guilt, to relax, to “do something good” for oneself. I know it sounds crazy. It should. But it’s not about laziness. In fact, I think it is easier to exercise than to vomit up my food.

  15. Megan Says:

    I am aboslutluy FURIOUS right now reading some of the inconsiderate posts people are writing about a person with bulimia. But thats society these days right? I mean people are so quick to judge another, especially women with eating disorders saying we are taking the ( what was that comment above “lazy way out” i believe they said in losing weight) Please, live a day in my shoes:

    There is nothing easy and lazy about living MY LIFE with this DISEASE! I have spent close to $20.000 to go to 3 different treatment centers to beat this disease and you call that the “lazy way” to lose weight… OHH right but i was being “lazy” and didn’t want to spend the $50 for the gym membership. Is that what you are trying to say?

    So before you open your mouth, open your eyes.. I am an educated woman with a great job and a loving family.. there is nothing “dumb about me” I have a desease, a curable desease but my life will be forever changed because of this. I have to make sure i go to the gym everyday,spend alot more money then the average person on healthy grocerys to make sure i have the correct food in the house, weigh and measure all of my food, see a nutritionist, multiple doctors ect.. all to live the same life you live…. and thats me being “lazy”?

  16. Andy Says:

    Hi, I’ve been suffering from BN for almost 15 years now, but the last thing you can tell about me is that i’m lazy. The truth is i’m not even fat or plump and never have been. But I’m , I don’t know, really sensitive person and when i can’t cope with loneliness or fear or stress i do that. sometimes i vomit a couple of times a day, and sometimes I stop doing that for a couple of days, but never longer:( And every night I promise myself that when I wake up I start a new better life, eat small portions and go to the doctor, and every time i fail… I just hope i manage before i end up like the poor girls, i am so so sorry for them ;(

  17. Kaye Says:

    i have watched this film over and over again and every time i see the girl it makes me cry. i’m 15 years old and i have always felt like i needed to become Bulimic but never really built up the courage to do it. I think it was because i always felt as if i was the larger one out of the group of friends. Nearly all of the modles you see now a days are dead skinny, i never really wanted to be like that just slim so that i feel confident with my body. after not being able to become Bulimic i started to self harm and never have i told any of my friends or family about this. After watching this short clip of that poor girl i have realised that if i ever did something like this i would never forgive myself for hurting my friends and family. But i am still scared about what i might do to myself if i still get a bit depressed. Please comment back if anybody has any advice for me.

  18. Kristin Says:

    I am speechless…i came to this website to try and get a little more insight and understanding to the diseases that controls my mind and my life. and then seeing some of the comments that people have left?! If you dont have some positive and encouraging to say please dont leave anything, because to a person that has this disease, it only makes them feel ten times worse for eve having it, and may even prevent them from trying to seek help because of fear that others will say the same thing to them. Bulimia is about so much more then just trying to lose or keep weight off. Its reasons differ from victim to victim, but in the end its a way for the victim to have some sense of self control over their life when they feel like they have not control over anything. Its a coping method, believe it or not its actually comforting to the victim. You get a sense of ‘accomplishment’ and control with each episode, and you know in the back of your mind that it will always be there for you when you need it. Its a very really, very terrifying disease, and i dont think anyone wants to see more men and women end up like the girl in the video. so please if you are going to post a negative pessimistic comment, watch that video one more time, and just know that what you say could prevent someone from getting help.

  19. Kit Says:

    hey kaye… i’m really glad that you did not continue to subject to Bulimia to overcome your depression… oh yes… one thing, no one is ever the “larger” one out of your group of friends… if they really are your true friends, they will understand you and not do anything that upsets you. Believe me, the one reason why you think that way is because of the lack of confidence you have in yourself. Go try out in some activities that could boost your confidence, perhaps, you may think differently after the actuvity. It could also serve as something to make you stop thinking about going bulimic. Maybe i have no rights to stop you from thinking of the need for Bulimia… but i hope you understand that subjecting to bulimia would only make you lose those true friends you now have and those people close to you (as you have realised)…so, live confidently and stop thinking about bulimia because it does’nt make things any better, instead, it makes matters worse once the consequences collapse in=DD

  20. Amy Says:

    Wow. Yeah, I went through bulimia. It really sucks. You always feel guilty because you’re not eating and you KNOW your friends know what you do but you keep lying. And along with that, you’re always tired and sometimes dizzy. I just wish bulimia wouldn’t have ever been thought of.

  21. Noreen Says:

    This comment is for that one lady who complains about those saying bulimia is the “lazy way” to lose weight:

    C a l m d o w n !

    i do actually think it is the easy way out and you have to admit it. However, no one ever said it is EASY to get out of it so you might reconsider you anger and admit their comments are right. Bulimia and anorexia are truely the easy way to lose weight; unfortunately, their consecuences are not easy at all.

    I am sorry if your life wasnt as you planed it but do not try to release your anger with other.


  22. lex Says:

    to the comment above me: YOU . DONT . UNDERSTAND . AT ALL . i TRUELY truly hate when people who have never even experienced something so horrific as this even have the NERVE to say half the things im reading on here.
    everybody with this disease if different. yes, i DO happen to have bulimia. people may think ‘oh its just an easy way out and thats all its gonna be. bulimics and anorexics are just way too lazy to exercise and need a life.’ seriously, please grow up and educate yourself. i can truly, honestly and SINCERELY say that u will NEVERR EVER know what it is truly like until you’ve experienced it. yes, i will admit, in the beginning it WAS about losing weight; or atleast i thought so. until like a year into my bulimia i realized otherwise. i was going through some very emotional times with my bf and i had alot of self esteem issues. i didnt feel as if i was good enough, and i thought being ‘skinny’ and ‘perfect’ would be the perfect answer. well boy, did i know what i was getting myself into. eventually, bulimia turns into much more. like somebody mentioned before, the smallest thing will eventually feel like a feast fit for a king once your body is so used to you purging every. little. thing up. it gives u a sense of power when u can binge and purge, but little do we know the mia is in control of US. no matter what the classification of an anorexic is, i know what their tendencies are. and yes, i have those too. you guys really dont know how bad we want this all to just go away. if it was that easy, dont u think we’d just do it? and the thing is once u start, its a continuous cycle and it just becomes..well.. a part of u. i really cant imagine life without it right now. things would be sooo different. do u know i actually get scared when i go out to dinner? because I DONT LIKE EATING. i just cant. food honestly tastes like shit to me nowadays. and when i have no other choice but to eat, i time as soon as i start eating to make sure i can get home in time just to purge it all up before my stomach digests it all. its ridiculous. its way more than a hassle for me. and imagine, im only 15. and i developed all this when i was only 14. i really could type a novel on all of this and my past experiences, but i guess the only thing that could truly be said is ‘you’ll never know until u’ve been in somebody elses shoes.” i honestly wouldn’t want ANYONE to be in my shoes right now. i may feel perfect when i have the power of purging but in reality im more messed up than before. and u dont realize how scary it is living like this, timing how long its gonna take before the serious consequences start to come along.. i dont want to die.

  23. Calaiaye Says:

    that is a stupid way to loose weight!

  24. julie Says:

    I hope that those of us suffering from anorexia/bulimia find this site useful.. maybe it will shock us into getting help.. maybe you wil lmake contact with someone you can call a support friend..I know!
    And for those of you stupid enough to think that we are “lazy” or “chose” to do this.. I truly hope no one in your family ever has this because you can bet you will be a lousy support person! Probably even the reason the got it!

  25. mo Says:

    I have been battling bulimia for several years now. If someone would have told me during highschool that I would have hit the lows that I have hit I would have thought they were completely incompetant. However, things change, people change,and life changes. I never thought I would have such issues with my own body, and despite what some people may believe, it has never been about what other people think, but what I think of myself. Society is not my toughest and ultimate critic, I am. Which is why this disease is hard to understand if you have not lived with it or been touched with someone who has. Be greatful if this is you, however do not think I or we want any sort of pity from the “eating disorder” free, that is not the case. In fact we want to be that too, with one major difference, we will have compassion and understanding for the ones who are battling with this illness or any illness that takes work and dedication to overcome.
    For the ones still battling, keep battling. There is a difference between living with an eating disorder and battling with one. I am a battler, I refuse to give in and let myself live with it, because I know my life with it will be nothing compareed to my life free of it. Remember the days when you did not have food, weight, calories, exercise on your mind. Remember how free you felt, how much simpler but not always easier everything was, and how this eating disorder has merely complicated matters. Wake up in the mornings and look at your body not in a mirror. instead look at it in a way where you see what you have acomplished with it. It helps me to look at my legs and realize how many games I played on these, read a poem I wrote and realized how many peoples lives I have helped with my compassionate and thoughtful mind, hold my fingers together like I hold a guitar or a defenseless baby. Most importantly help eachother, help others, help yourself and keep on fighting. Recovery wil be a lifelong journey, but it will be a life you would have never had if you didnt keep battling. Remember your zest for life, and lets make it better.
    Written with love and hope

  26. bobb Says:

    No, we don’t have to admit it. Are you going to force us with your oh-so-convincing argument? It’s really not the lazy way out, but I don’t think I’ll bother trying to explain to you why, as you’re obviously a bit dim. Good luck with life, you’ll probably need it.

    Just a point for those saying exercise is the better way to lose weight (as if people with bulimia chose “lying in a pile of sick and self-loathing’ from a weight loss manual or something) – you might want to do a little more research, as excessive exercise is in fact one of the methods used by bulimics to ‘purge’. Bulimia isn’t all about vomiting.

    Oh and, eh, ever been raped or abused, with no support network around you to turn for help? How would you deal with it? No wait, sorry, this is all about weight loss…

  27. Lena Says:

    Noreen, Anorexia or Bulimia aren’t even the easy way out if we consider it your way. I do not think that it is easy, in the end, to get by with 10 calories in 2 weeks, and that’s about what anorectic people in the final stage do. And I do not think it is easy to eat until you almost have to vomit naturally and then vomit ‘artificially’ (sorry, I can’t think of a better word, I’m no native speaker) until you’re so tired that you eventually fall asleep beside the toilet. It is not easy to get rid of the disease, but HAVING the disease is hell.
    And, besides, not all eating-disordered vomit. Some of them just binge and then hunger. That means, if they go like 5000 calories/day for 2 weeks they are like 500 calories/day for the next month. I think this isn’t normal either and should be taken serious too.

  28. brina Says:

    My whole life until I was 19 I was thin and always wanted to gain a few pounds I took pills to help me gain a few pounds but then the weight started getting out of control for me now I look at my self as fat and it is sos o hard to deal with I try all the diets out there and diet pills one after the other, and then I started binging and purging it is disgusting but it takes the guilt out of my eating I know it is bad but now I cant stop. when i gain weight I get depressed and I mean major depression. I and 27 and was weighing 210 I started a diet and lost about 12 to 15 pounds but I still make my self vomit even thought I eat a little now I just cant stop I am addicted. it makes me feel good… I learned of a great diet now and it is working this si the 4 rules… i cant remember the name right now .. when u r hungry u eat.. u eat what u want not what u think you should eat.. eat slowly and take ur time and chew and when u feel u r full u stop.. this is working I saw it on tv it is awesome.. try my bulimic friends

  29. dani ashley Says:

    I’m not sure how to react to this, imp not sure how to put it but I feel like I have been a victim? Im going through this at the time and it is so challenging, I tell myself that I cant eat today or I cant only eat this much and that’s it, but it really isn’t that easy at all, I’ve tried to quit eating, I mean I am so uncomfortable with how I look, I am 14 years old, 5’7 and 105 pounds, I mean I don’t even feel comfortable going out in a swimsuit, im so caught up in all the perfect ness of all my friends bodies that I cant be comfortable with mine, I’m constantly told that I need to feel comfortable in my “own” skin, but its hard.
    I feel like I have to fattest hips, they bulge, so bad I cant even wear a tank top, I just want to loose my hips and I’ll be fine, but about 2 weeks ago I started purging, I tried it because I couldn’t quit eating and I feel im so fat in my tummy area, so I tried it with the end of a toothbrush and it was the worst thing that I have ever done, it hurt, and it made me feel sick, but after I felt great I knew I had found a way to deal with my weight issues, but I cant do it anymore? Whenever I try its as though I don’t have the courage or the “guts” I hate it, I don’t believe in the whole “you’ll die” it’s a gimic’ it’s a great way to lose the fat fast, I just wish I could do it again. And I cant quit eating, advice?

  30. unknown Says: 15, and i suffer from bulimia, no1 who i no knows about this and i dont no who i should tell or what i should say! i always feel soo upset
    and depressed inside but i dont show it! should i ??
    i have tryed to stop but i carnt, evan the video it makes me want to stop
    but i carnt! i dont no what to do 😦 x x

  31. ew Says:

    ew thats some wierd shit

  32. Kelsi Says:

    I’m scared. I feel scared. I feel fat, fatter than my friends. What if that becomes me? WHAT DO I DO!!!

  33. jess Says:

    ok, so bulimia/anorexia is NOT an easy way to loose weight. i have been on nd off with anorexia and bulimia for a few years now. it takes so much courage, and strength not to eat when your hungry, or to eat and then shove your fingers down your throat and through it up. everyone says that they want to loose weight and wat ever but unless you are, or have been either bulimic or anorexic, you dont understand to the degree of how much we just want to be skinny and look wat we think is good.

    i go to bed every night thinking how i shouldnt have eaten this or that and how i should have thrown this or that up, and i wake up every morning saying im not going to eat any thing today, and if i do then im going to through it up, and all of it. but it’s so hard to stick to that wen your constantly surrounded by food, or wen u go to skool and theres a set time in which ur in the cafeteria where everyones eating and u cant leave.

    bulimia/anorexia is NOT easy and the nasty comments saying that it is just makes us even more upset, so like someone said before – if u dont have something nice to say, dont say anything at all.

  34. Nikoo Says:

    Esto es un asco man,,

  35. Cassie Says:

    Im 16, 5’6 and 109 pounds. 6 months ago i was 136 pounds. I am bulimic. All the web sites, the BMI charts, they all say im a little underweight.. but I dont feel underweight. I look at myself and I see a fat girl. I have read that my appearance is distorted because of my disease, but I find that difficult to believe somehow. I mean, I look at other girls and I look at myself.. its hard. The girs that I envy, most of them are at least 10 pounds heavier than me, so they say.. I tell myself that its true, my vision of myself is distorted but I know what I look like and I know what they look like and I just feel fat all the time.
    I started throwing up for my appearance, but I have given up on that. I have promised my best friend that I will stop, that Im trying, and I am trying. I would rather look fat than upset her, but I cant stop. I feel full and bloated and gross and I panick and I puke. But it doesnt make me feel better. It just makes me feel guilty, for hurting my friend.
    My mom tells me shes proud of me for losing weight, that I am looking better every day. My mom was thin in high school. I havnt tried in a while, but about a year ago i couldnt slide her wedding dress on past my hips, and thats hard for my ego, knowing that my mom was always thinner than i ever have been. My mom doesnt know how Im losing my weight, she thinks its just a diet. Ive read over and over again that it hurts family members to find out that you have an eating disorder, but shes so proud of me for losing my weight, im not so sure she would care how i lost it. She still purges on holidays after eating feasts with the family.
    I write this in between bites of a binge, and i wish I wouldnt, but I will purge.
    Dont call me lazy.
    I work out too.

  36. dot2dot Says:

    I have had a problem with bulimia. It is not an every day thing for me now and I don’t bing like some studies I have seen and read about but it is still an addiction to me. But a few years ago for 1 year it was a severe problem… 3 to 4 times a day throwing up to try to be thin and I was thin for me – size 6… I finally got pnemonia because of this. This was a wake up call but it didn’t cure my problem but it made me not do it as much.
    I am constantly thinking about my weight. Sometimes I wish I could just take a wrag and glass cleaner and clean my mind of this. It is as if an emotion or fear of not being loved causes me to over eat sometimes. The full feeling makes me fee content but soon after I realize “oh my gosh tomorrow I will gain weight from this, so I go and throw it up.” I have forced myself to stop for months but it is something I always go back to. I didn’t have this problem until I reached age 27 – after being used to being sick and throwing up alot during my pregnancies – I never did this before and hated to throw up as a child. It can effect anyone no matter their age.
    I wonder if many of the women who suffer from this have been sexually assaulted in their life? Alot of women I know that have this problem (when they talk about it) including myself – have either been molested as a child, raped, or had their sexual power taken from them. Does this robbery of self power by another cause women to never feel content with themselves…. so they over eat to feel full from the pain and fear.
    I have alot of the physical ailments discussed on this site, constipation – diahria (never regular) bloating, kidney infections, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, heart palpitations, soar throats – alot, terrible teeth … all my back teeth were root canaled, stomach pain every day. I have been trying to find out why I am not feeling well but now I know. Infact, I threw up 2 days ago after eating 4 large pieces of pizza and some cookies.

    I am going to get some help.

  37. Megan Says:


    Unless you yourself, or your daughter or your son whomever have struggled with this disease first hand, I would spend the time that you take looking up websites like this and posting “inappropriate” comments, and spend that time researching a bit more about this disease.

    Although everyone is entitled to their opinion, you clearly do not know a thing about me to pass judgment about my “life’s plan”.

    People who are struggling come to these sites for guidance and hope so what was you ultimate goal of you post? Just to kick a person while their down.

    I got so angry because it people like YOU who don’t know a thing about the reasoning why a person will develop this disorder that may be out of their control :the biological predispositions, the sexual/physical/verbal abuse, the depression ect…

    I cant disagree in saying someone may restrict for a week to lose 5 pounds for a prom (90 % girls do this) but this doesn’t necessarily mean they have an eating disorder.. (this is where you are confused)

    so Noreen, like you mother should have taught you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. I will admit when i am wrong and maybe my reaction to getting so angry at comments like yours was inappropriate but I just cant help to get angry at you ignorance



  39. sam Says:

    I am a student studying to be a registered nurse… so it is absolutely obvious that I am well aware of the risk factors associated with Bulimia, and the significance of maintaining and promoting a healthy lifestyle. But this disease (like most) takes control of your body and mind. I only have an episode approximately twice a month…. Mostly when I am depressed. It would generally start when my husband is sleeping .I would eat a large meal to comfort myself, then 1hr after my meal I feel even worst…I feel so uncomfortable distended(swollen) and disgust, and the only way I can relieve myself is by making myself throw up. The Ironic aspect of the situation is that I have always been a slender person ever since I was a child I have always struggled to gain weight. I only weigh 105 ponds and have maintained that weight for the past 10 years, even before I started to make myself throw up. Therefore I am confident that Bulimia is not just about losing weight.

    I strongly agree with Megan, Noreen(and others) if you want to say negative remarks about individuals suffering from Bulimia then you should start a web page designated for individuals that are against people that suffer from Bulimia… that would be the appropriate place for you to post negative remarks. This web page is designed to uplift individuals that are suffering from the disease and give them the confidence to try and get help. When you post negative comments or act delinquent towards the condition it only makes us feel as though we have no hope.
    If you feel the need to post any comments that are not uplifting and encouraging you should play the video until you understand the depth of the situation.

    “Who feels it knows it” you will never completely understand what a person is going thru until you have been thru that situation yourself.

  40. unknown Says:

    i am 17, and never considered myself to be bulimic. saying the word scares me. “i am bulimic” or “i have bulimia” is so difficult to say. i just made myself throw up for the second time today, and finally decided to look up bulimia to find out some info. my boyfriend is the only person who knows that i make myself throw up, but i told him i stopped and hide it from him. im pretty sure that my family is wise to what i have been doing, but noone has said anything to me, and i dread the say they do. i mean its embaressing.
    i was on the heavy side growing up, but now that i am older and more active, and have been watching what i eat everyone is always telling me how beautiful i am, and saying “wow you have lost weight, you look awesome!” and to tell the thruth its comments like these that make me want to continue doing it. its been about 8 months since i started throwing up after i eat…. but its not after EVERYTIME i eat or anything.. just when i think ive eaten too much of something, or ate something i shouldnt have (like today i ate some cheesies).
    i hate it though, i really do. eating is ALWAYS on my mind. what im going to eat that day, how much im going to eat, and considering how much phycial activity i am going to get that day. i wake up thinking about it, and continue to think about it for the rest of the day. i never really knew effects of bulimia on my body before, and after looking at this site so many things make sense. i am so tired all day long, i always feel like my stomach is bloated (not so good becuase it makes me think i look fat->i dont eat much->if i do eat i throw it up.) its a cycle. i know im a pretty girl, i know im not “Fat”, i have a loving family and an amazing, good looking, understanding boyfriend. i have nothing to complain about. but thinking about eating, and the way my body looks absolutly consumes me. i am considering talking to my doctor… but if i do, she will make me stop. and as much as i do want to… and dont want to. i mean, its kind of the perfect deal. you get to eat what you want, and afterwards you throw it up so its like you never even ate it. i know its a horrible way to think, but im sure any person with bulimia will agree with me.

  41. Sophii Says:

    I Think That The People Leaveing Stupid Comments About It Being A “Lazy” Way To Lose Weight Should Really Get A Grip…

    It Is A Serious Situation…
    I Tell Myself Everyday That Im Not Gunna Be Sick But I Am…
    I Also Exercise Feriously Each Day…

    Im Addicted To It…

    I Can Honestly Say…I Need Help…But I Cant Get Any Because If I Let People Know I Will Automatically “Be Attention Seeking”

    So The People Who Think That We (Being People With Eating Disorders) Are Taking The Easy Way Out, We Are Not !

    Im Only 16 And My Life Is Consumed By This Desease!

  42. Megan Says:

    Hey To the few ladies who made some posts after me especially the unknown post from May 11th

    -Hunni I KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH 100% you just pretty much summed up my life for the 3 years that i struggled with this disorder before my parents and I (MUTUALLY AGREED) to go to treatment and i say mutually because I up until then I was just not ready to let go of Bulimia. After my parents found out “caught me” that i was throwing up my food (about 8 months later) I was sent straight to a nutritionist and a psychritrist who my partents thought they were going to “fix me” but im sure everyone who has this disorder can agree with me in saying we can minipulate anyone into thinking we were fine and didn’t need help, because we are to embarassed to tell the truth, and also in the begining its kinda not bad to live with. Like stated earlier, you can eat what you want, throw it all up, and not really gain weight or even at my bad times drop dramatically..

    But then the bad shit starts kicking in all you can thisnk about is food, it consumes your mind and thought processes that everything comes second to you binging and purging episodes (I was throwing up in the bathroom at my only sisters wedding where I was the maid of honor), The bloating kicks in and you think you look fat all the time when really you are retaining so much water.. you are like a puppet where the strings are controlled by this monster called bulimia ect

    My point being LADIES I went to Treatment when I was finally ready , Terified to death, it was the hardest obstical i ever had to go through but i went to Milestones Rehabilitation in Florida for 30 Days and it saved my life. And I know this is the question you are all wondering, for me I didn’t gain a pound!!! Thats the crazy thing about the human body it can digest food but we are too convinced that either we did too much damage at this point, or we are going to blow up 40 pounds and this does not happen at all, especially if you are young i am 23 and i went to treatment last August. (2 days after my sisters wedding)

    I know its hard to ask for help, i was forst into a treatment center the first time a year and a half into my disorder but it was bull shit, (I wasn’t ready to let go)

    but you will realize one day, you’ll be ready, and don’t worry about money, parents, all other excuses.. Your LIFE comes first!!!

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