letter from bulimia sufferer


This is an extract from a letter I received this morning, written by a woman suffering from bulimia. I wish to protect her identity so it is anonymous… She describes so clearly how it is to suffer from bulimia – an illness often side-lined or ignored as “taboo” in comparison to anorexia nervosa…




Thankyou for your message Wenna.

I can understand how you must feel about body image. Only with love of ones self, can you really see how beautiful you are.

Anorexia is a hell.

I recently viewed an episode on an intervention talk show that is aired in America, called ‘Dr. Phil’. One of the episodes featured an anorexic girl who had severe problems with binging and purging. You cold obviously tell that her extreme low weight made avoiding binging and purging, extremely difficult. Her body was at a point where the need to eat over-rid her, but she always compensated her binges with purging. Up to 150 times a day.

She is an absolute shock to look at. Extremely emaciated.

I think one of the reasons I developed this binging and purging obsession once I reached a certain low weight is similar to the girl’s reasons. I have tried so hard to spend my day not giving into it.

But I just cant.

The girl also stated that her binges have left her with no food and money and she has regularly shoplifted to fuel her compulsion. I feel very ashamed to admit this, but that is where I am.

I cannot stop this. I promise I have tried so hard. But I cannot escape.

I live alone without any family and friends. My dislike for my body and my huge problem with body dysmorphia makes socialising far too difficult. I live alone in a flat. My day is spent going out food shopping and shoplifting, and binging and purging in the evening. I have never eaten a meal normally for literally years. I cannot eat at all and keep food within me.



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One Response to “letter from bulimia sufferer”

  1. Sharon Dewson Says:

    Having suffered from anorexia and bulimia for many many years now I can completely empathise with this letter. I know that I’m not alone. Eating disorders are only being really well recognised now in the UK and I honestly feel that there is not enough help here for myself or any suffferer here.
    Bulimia has left me financially crushed and I’m so ashamed of myself.
    It really is hell the cycle from bingeing to purging and then back again. It is an exhausting process in which I know I certainly am not able to break free from. The days are wrapped up in it as I have lost all of my friends and my family are distant and really don’t know how serious it has become even though I enjoy it that way.
    There is no miracle drug to stop eating disorders and I pray to God that less people will fall into the trap, this prison. If I were to leave a message to young people out there about eating disorders then it would be that they are not fun, nor pretty. You will lose everything eventually to it-you are not exempt. DO NOT give into it-be healthy and happy and make a difference in the world.

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