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Progress Report, November – December 2007

January 28, 2008

business-card-imagejpg.jpgSefydliad Graham Menzies Graham Menzies Foundation

November/December 2007

Dear friends,

We hope that November and December were positive for you and we wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

This is our third progress report. Please feel free to contact Rowenna Menzies on 01970 881052 for further information or details.

Can you help us?

We are currently developing a comprehensive data base of all services in Wales that treat or address eating disorders at any level. We are particularly interested in promoting voluntary sector services.

If your organisation helps people with eating disorders (even if it is not your primary “target” group) then please tell us. If you know of another organisation that works in this area, please forward them this mail or send us their contact details.

What then?

We will send you a brief form to fill in. The form will request basic information such as your geographic location within Wales, the type or level of care you are able to offer, who you can help and how people should access your services.

What will we do with this information?

The data base will be available to everybody, free of charge, on our web site. It will enable anybody looking for help to rapidly identify treatment options and facilities near their home. It will also allow services to locate and contact each other.

Where appropriate we will also include links to individual web pages.


Thankyou to Carmarthenshire County Council who awarded us a grant of £628! Every penny counts!

Thankyou also to Laura Ashley for their generous donation.

Other happenings…

We were visited by a representative from the lottery who is helping us develop our application further. There is a great deal to do now – I will be a very busy bee in the New Year!

Partnership & promotion

Cyswllt Contact Ceredigion

I gave a presentation about our project to the directors of Cyswllt Contact Ceredigion last month. The board have approved our shared grant application for dual diagnosis treatment. Hoorah!

Now all we need is funding for a residential unit!


I also gave a presentation to a cross section of staff from Gorwellion. They were incredibly supportive, enthusiastic and it will be an absolute pleasure to work with them in the future.


Visiting cavo (Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations) was such a positive experience. They offered information, support, contacts and ideas. What a brilliant organisation, thankyou!

To all of you

Many, many thanks to the fifteen organisations who wrote letters of support for our project. We deeply appreciate you taking the time (particularly at this busy time of year). Thankyou very much!

Events and activities.


ll-party group

Bethan Jenkins AM facilitated an initial meeting for the all party group which aims to address treatment options currently available to people in Wales who suffer from an eating disorder.

The next meeting will be held in The Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff, in 15th January.

We welcome representatives from any related or interested organisations – please contact me if you are interested.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Feb 23rd-29th 2008

We are planning an awareness raising day at the Assembly in Cardiff. If any interested/associated organisations would like to take part, please let us know. Involvement could be anything from a presentation to leaflets which advertise your organisation. All are welcome.

Are you interested?

BBC Cymru are developing a new, multi-platform discussion programme for young people in Wales and are putting together a feature on eating disorders.

If you have suffered from an eating disorder now or in the past, and would be interested in raising awareness and helping others by being interviewed on t.v. then please let us know.

You need to speak Welsh and be under 18.

Your Story

If you have suffered from an eating disorder (now or in the past), or if you have cared for/been affected by someone with an eating disorder… we would like your story!

Short stories for our web site to inspire, interest and engage…

Longer stories to be published as part of a collective volume.

Season’s Greetings to you all!

Thankyou for your support this year.

Warmest wishes,

Rowenna Menzies


Sefydliad Graham Menzies Graham Menzies Foundation

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