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Progress Report January 2008

January 29, 2008

graham menzies foundation

progress report no. 4


Hi everybody!

From now on, our monthly report will always be available here on the last day of the month. Just log on to then click “blog”.

daffodilJanuary 2008


I’m not sure where to begin or who to thank first! So I think I’ll start with the letters. So many of you took the time and made the effort to send us letters of recommendation and support for our Welsh Centre for Recovery Project – and at a particularly busy time of year! I am truly grateful to you all and would like to say a BIG thankyou.



02 Community Awards are giving us a grant (hoorah)! …But they haven’t told us how much we will be awarded yet! Very mysterious… I’ll keep you up-dated!

The donation link on our web site will soon be active. I’m just waiting for our charity pay-pal account to be confirmed.


Web site

A million-billion-trillion thanks to the multi-talented Darren Jones who has created this site and blog. In addition to being a fabulous web designer I have it on good authority that Darren is also a health conscious cook and a marvellous constituency officer.

This site is still in progress but all the links will soon be active.


A beautiful logo is being designed by Suzanne Barrett and Joanna in Hamburg. It is so pretty I almost cried! The logo is winging it’s way to the UK as fast as it can – I can’t wait for you all to see it! It’s even better than this one (right). Graham would be so proud…


I was on TV! I was on TV! They made we walk up and down the stairs outside the Welsh Assembly about fifteen times – I felt as though I was on “America’s Next Top Model”.

I was also busy with radio interviews and formal statments, mainly because Bethan Jenkins AM organised the lauch of an All Party Eating Disorders Group. (To read more about the group click separate “Cross Party Group” link).

In brief… Edwina Hart was much funnier and less scary than I could have imagined. I ate all the grapes and bought some glittery gell pens from the millenium centre shop (but they didn’t work) which was rubbish because I was taking the minutes. Many clever people had imaginative thoughts and ideas regarding eating disorders awareness week. And…

I spoke to a couple at the end who have a niece with anorexia. Her bmi is dangerously low and they can’t find any appropiate help. They nolonger know what to do. It was heartbreaking.


Eating disorders Awareness Week (EDAW)

…begins on the 25th Feb. This year the special interest subject is carers. To take part in a study or to raise funds, visit the national eating disorders association at:

We are also planning an awareness raising day at WAG on Wednesday 27th. If you would like to be represented or to take part in some way then please contact me, or Bethan Jenkins AM.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2008

Bethan Jenkins AM,

Chair Cross Party Committee on Eating Disorders

Invites you to an event to mark Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2008

Venue: The Neuadd, National Assembly for Wales

Time: 17:30

Date: Wednesday, 27th February 2008

Details to follow


Wythnos Ymwybyddiaeth Anhwylderau Bwyta 2008

Mae Bethan Jenkins AC

Yn eich gwahodd i ddigwyddiad i nodi

Wythnos Ymwybyddiaeth Anhwylderau Bwyta 2008

Lleoliad: Y Neuadd, Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru

Amser: 17:30

Dyddiad: Dydd Mervher, 27ain o Chwefror 2008

Manylion i ddilyn


I don’t write much about Graham here. There are a few posts under “grief” (right hand side of this page).

But… Graham Clifford Menzies died on the 24th January 2007. He was a giant amongst men. It was the one year anniversary of his death on Thursday and I am as completely, madly, crazily and wonderfully in love with him today as I was this time last year.

I miss you with every fibre of my being Graham and I am so proud and humbled and privalidged to have been loved by you.

Your Wenna





Graham with turtle XXX





Progress Report, November – December 2007

January 28, 2008

business-card-imagejpg.jpgSefydliad Graham Menzies Graham Menzies Foundation

November/December 2007

Dear friends,

We hope that November and December were positive for you and we wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

This is our third progress report. Please feel free to contact Rowenna Menzies on 01970 881052 for further information or details.

Can you help us?

We are currently developing a comprehensive data base of all services in Wales that treat or address eating disorders at any level. We are particularly interested in promoting voluntary sector services.

If your organisation helps people with eating disorders (even if it is not your primary “target” group) then please tell us. If you know of another organisation that works in this area, please forward them this mail or send us their contact details.

What then?

We will send you a brief form to fill in. The form will request basic information such as your geographic location within Wales, the type or level of care you are able to offer, who you can help and how people should access your services.

What will we do with this information?

The data base will be available to everybody, free of charge, on our web site. It will enable anybody looking for help to rapidly identify treatment options and facilities near their home. It will also allow services to locate and contact each other.

Where appropriate we will also include links to individual web pages.


Thankyou to Carmarthenshire County Council who awarded us a grant of £628! Every penny counts!

Thankyou also to Laura Ashley for their generous donation.

Other happenings…

We were visited by a representative from the lottery who is helping us develop our application further. There is a great deal to do now – I will be a very busy bee in the New Year!

Partnership & promotion

Cyswllt Contact Ceredigion

I gave a presentation about our project to the directors of Cyswllt Contact Ceredigion last month. The board have approved our shared grant application for dual diagnosis treatment. Hoorah!

Now all we need is funding for a residential unit!


I also gave a presentation to a cross section of staff from Gorwellion. They were incredibly supportive, enthusiastic and it will be an absolute pleasure to work with them in the future.


Visiting cavo (Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations) was such a positive experience. They offered information, support, contacts and ideas. What a brilliant organisation, thankyou!

To all of you

Many, many thanks to the fifteen organisations who wrote letters of support for our project. We deeply appreciate you taking the time (particularly at this busy time of year). Thankyou very much!

Events and activities.


ll-party group

Bethan Jenkins AM facilitated an initial meeting for the all party group which aims to address treatment options currently available to people in Wales who suffer from an eating disorder.

The next meeting will be held in The Welsh Assembly Government, Cardiff, in 15th January.

We welcome representatives from any related or interested organisations – please contact me if you are interested.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Feb 23rd-29th 2008

We are planning an awareness raising day at the Assembly in Cardiff. If any interested/associated organisations would like to take part, please let us know. Involvement could be anything from a presentation to leaflets which advertise your organisation. All are welcome.

Are you interested?

BBC Cymru are developing a new, multi-platform discussion programme for young people in Wales and are putting together a feature on eating disorders.

If you have suffered from an eating disorder now or in the past, and would be interested in raising awareness and helping others by being interviewed on t.v. then please let us know.

You need to speak Welsh and be under 18.

Your Story

If you have suffered from an eating disorder (now or in the past), or if you have cared for/been affected by someone with an eating disorder… we would like your story!

Short stories for our web site to inspire, interest and engage…

Longer stories to be published as part of a collective volume.

Season’s Greetings to you all!

Thankyou for your support this year.

Warmest wishes,

Rowenna Menzies


Sefydliad Graham Menzies Graham Menzies Foundation

Canolfan Adfer Lechyd Cymru Welsh Centre for Recovery


By mail: Preswylfa, Dolypandy, Capel Bangor, Aberystwyth SY23 3LY

By telephone: 01970 881052/07866547751

By e-mail:


Progress Report, October 2007

January 28, 2008

Sefydliad Graham Menzies Graham Menzies Foundation

             Progress Report 2





business-card-imagejpg.jpgMission Statement


To provide best practice, treatment and support services for people who suffer from an eating disorder or associated illness.

To facilitate change, empowerment and social integration.


To treat every individual with respect and dignity; and to promote equality, diversity, hope and freedom. In doing so, to operate to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards.



Organisation aims


ü             Reduce the stigma and isolation experienced by our highly vulnerable client group

ü             Improve local and national policy regarding the treatment of eating disorders and associated illnesses within Wales.

ü            Provide highly individualised, affordable, top quality care for people who live in Wales (or in areas of the country where local services are patchy and under developed) and who suffer from an eating disorder or associated illness.

ü             Provide effective, integrated help and support for young people who suffer from an eating disorder in combination with other maladaptive coping mechanisms (e.g. self injury) or mental health illness.

ü             Facilitate sustained, community based help and support for the family and friends of the above sufferers


October 2007



This is our second progress report. Please feel free to contact Rowenna Menzies for further information or details.




toy moneyAnother busy month… We have applied for grants from the Welsh Language Board (for money towards bi-lingual stationary), the Allen Lane Foundation and to the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation to support our awareness raising campaign (including events at WAG during Eating Disorders Week next February). Bethan Jenkins (AM) is sponsoring us.

We have not heard back from any of the grant making bodies although the Welsh Language Board did post us an empty envelope!envelope
We are also progressing with a range of partnerships within the field. This is positive because although, individually; our team possesses the skill, passion and knowledge to make our project work, we lack the sustenance of a successful financial history. Making partnerships will add weight to our enterprise and will ensure that we develop relevant, effective services.

With this in mind we placed a partnership bid with Cyswllt (an established street agency) which will enable us to offer treatment for dual diagnosis clients (primarily; substance misuse + eating disorders). Working with Marty from Cyswllt was an absolute pleasure… although I still have to give a presentation to the trustees there (eeek!)


The mail strike was horrible – really stressful. It seems that banks are unable to scan/e-mail/fax information. In fact – Abbey would not even allow us to DRIVE to London and collect information. It is their policy that everything must be POSTED. The delay in mail meant sending some grant applications ‘special delivery’ to arrive on closing day, not my preferable cause of action!

Events & Activities

Cyswllt coordinated an S4C television program about eating disorders; and one of our trustees (Rhodri) was interviewed on the sea front in Aberystwyth. We also organised for a young woman in recovery from an eating disorder to be interviewed by them. (I will let you know when it’s on!)

 Two articles about us were published also in Golwg “Cynllun yn hwb i broblem anorecsia”, hydref 11 2007.

 We met with Caroline Fosse who is currently being trained by bEAT to facilitate a community based self-help group for people with eating disorders. The group will hopefully go active in esrly next year– we will keep you up dated!

 We now have a web address! The site is being planned but a holding page is up.

Visit for a quick peak!

 Interesting happenings

 Some events for those interested in eating disorders:

l      7th /8th November – “Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behaviour Therapy”, University of Reading

l      20th December – “All Wales Special Interest Group” Bronglais Hospital, Brecon (free)

l      Friday 7th December – “Working together, Adolescent Eating Disorders” (free)



As always, thankyou for supporting us with this project. I hope November is a good month for you.


Warmest wishes

Rowenna Menzies

Sefydliad Graham Menzies Graham Menzies Foundation

Canolfan Adfer Lechyd Cymru Welsh Centre for Recovery



By mail: Preswylfa, Dolypandy, Capel Bangor, Aberystwyth SY23 3LY

By telephone: 01970 881052/07866547751

By e-mail:

Progress Report September 2007

January 28, 2008


Sefydliad Graham Menzies; Canalfan Adferiad Cymru

The Graham Menzies Foundation; Welsh Centre for Recovery

Progress Report, September 2007

Dear friend,

Firstly I want to thank you for supporting our fledgling organisation. The Graham Menzies Foundation is a new, innovative, exciting social enterprise based in Wales. We hope to offer top quality, cutting edge treatment and support for people who suffer from eating disorders and related illness.

The Welsh Centre for Recovery is a needs-lead project, devised in collaboration with other Welsh organisations. We aim to provide a highly individualised, fully comprehensive package of care for people who live in West Wales or in areas of the country where local services are patchy and under developed. Our proposed unit will have space for 12 residential patients and 10 day time clients and will facilitate additional aftercare and family support services.

What’s New?


funding image


·        This month Suzanne and I completed a grant application to the Mental Health Matters Program. The awarded funds will facilitate five years salaries (sixteen staff) and 50% unit running costs. Of course, our business plan is structured so that the centre becomes self supporting and self sustaining without the aid of charitable donations; but realistically, it will take several years to develop successful relationships with P.C.T.s and other external referring organisations. The grant would therefore ensure our short term viability.


  • Susanne and I also gave a 30 minute presentation to Technium in the hope of gaining free broad-band enabled office space for 12 months. Whilst the response we received was (in general) positive, they informed us that no offices are currently available. They also gave us both flu. Must remember to send a thankyou note!

·        Rhodri Francis will translate a small grant application form and submit it to Ceredigion County Council this week. The funds (£1000) will go towards bi-lingual pamphlets and stationary.

 What do we need?

Primarily – we now need to focus on small regional start-up grants etc to facilitate our fundraising and cover expenses. We will also be applying for ongoing national grants and schemes to contribute to the costs of our new building. Any ideas or thoughts will be deeply appreciated!

Other developments


§        Many thanks to Andrew Dagnell from Wales Today; for his excellent article addressing the lack of provision for eating disorders across Wales and for publishing our follow-up letter.

§        We have started putting together an 8-page A4 glossy pamphlet to send out to prospective funders and interested organisations. This should be complete by the month end.

§        Suzanne Barrett will be completing a logo for the Centre this week.

§        Apologies for the delay in our web-site; we have purchased a URL address and are still waiting for our initial holding page to be uploaded. I will let you all know as soon as we are on-line!

§        Finally, for those of you who do not already know, we located the perfect building for our residential unit. The property is close to Aberysywyth town (Ceredigion) and exceeds every single point of our criteria.

If you have any questions/details/suggestions or helpful contributions then please feel free to contact me at any time. Again, I appreciate your interest and support. Warmest wishes,

Rowenna Menzies.