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Progress Report September 2007

January 28, 2008


Sefydliad Graham Menzies; Canalfan Adferiad Cymru

The Graham Menzies Foundation; Welsh Centre for Recovery

Progress Report, September 2007

Dear friend,

Firstly I want to thank you for supporting our fledgling organisation. The Graham Menzies Foundation is a new, innovative, exciting social enterprise based in Wales. We hope to offer top quality, cutting edge treatment and support for people who suffer from eating disorders and related illness.

The Welsh Centre for Recovery is a needs-lead project, devised in collaboration with other Welsh organisations. We aim to provide a highly individualised, fully comprehensive package of care for people who live in West Wales or in areas of the country where local services are patchy and under developed. Our proposed unit will have space for 12 residential patients and 10 day time clients and will facilitate additional aftercare and family support services.

What’s New?


funding image


·        This month Suzanne and I completed a grant application to the Mental Health Matters Program. The awarded funds will facilitate five years salaries (sixteen staff) and 50% unit running costs. Of course, our business plan is structured so that the centre becomes self supporting and self sustaining without the aid of charitable donations; but realistically, it will take several years to develop successful relationships with P.C.T.s and other external referring organisations. The grant would therefore ensure our short term viability.


  • Susanne and I also gave a 30 minute presentation to Technium in the hope of gaining free broad-band enabled office space for 12 months. Whilst the response we received was (in general) positive, they informed us that no offices are currently available. They also gave us both flu. Must remember to send a thankyou note!

·        Rhodri Francis will translate a small grant application form and submit it to Ceredigion County Council this week. The funds (£1000) will go towards bi-lingual pamphlets and stationary.

 What do we need?

Primarily – we now need to focus on small regional start-up grants etc to facilitate our fundraising and cover expenses. We will also be applying for ongoing national grants and schemes to contribute to the costs of our new building. Any ideas or thoughts will be deeply appreciated!

Other developments


§        Many thanks to Andrew Dagnell from Wales Today; for his excellent article addressing the lack of provision for eating disorders across Wales and for publishing our follow-up letter.

§        We have started putting together an 8-page A4 glossy pamphlet to send out to prospective funders and interested organisations. This should be complete by the month end.

§        Suzanne Barrett will be completing a logo for the Centre this week.

§        Apologies for the delay in our web-site; we have purchased a URL address and are still waiting for our initial holding page to be uploaded. I will let you all know as soon as we are on-line!

§        Finally, for those of you who do not already know, we located the perfect building for our residential unit. The property is close to Aberysywyth town (Ceredigion) and exceeds every single point of our criteria.

If you have any questions/details/suggestions or helpful contributions then please feel free to contact me at any time. Again, I appreciate your interest and support. Warmest wishes,

Rowenna Menzies.